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Air Date: January 1, 1970


Taking a Spin


Searching With Corot

Sounding Out Dark Energy

Cloudy Trip

Snap, Crackle, Glow

NGC 4438

Hubble Reveals the Heart of the Whirlpool Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

Antennae Galaxy

Arecibo Observatory


The Northern Lights


Baby Stars

Beta Pictoris

A Cosmic Searchlight

Bubble Nebula

Wide Texas Skies

Historic marker at Buried City

Wolf Creek valley, site of Buried City

Palo Duro Canyon

Largest Caddo Mound

Marking Time

Ancient Burial Site

Digging Into History

Telling Time

Magnetic Secrets

Cartwheel Galaxy

Dropping In

The Cat’s Eye Nebula

Cosmic Background Radiation

Double Rainbow

Crescent Moon


Red Animals

Eileen Thompson

Eileen Thompson

Evening Sky

Comet Ikeya-Zhang

Impact Crater

Hubble Deep Field


Last Gasps of a Dying Star



The Egg Nebula

Solstices and Equinoxes

Eta Carinae

Surface of Europa

Face on Mars

Flaming Nebula

Galileo at Io

Colliding Galaxies



Brown Dwarf

Gamma-Ray Burst

Gamma-Ray Burst

Great Red Spot

Comet Hale-Bopp

Helix Nebula

Helix Nebula

Hobby-Eberly Telescope

Horsehead Nebula

Equinox sunrise from Room One

A pottery fragment at Hot Well

Rows of pebbles atop Hot Well ruins

Pottery sherds at Hot Well

Desert vegetation at Hot Well

Etched Hourglass Nebula

Hubble Space Telescope

Star-eyed Quetzalcoatl mask

Desert flora at Hueco Tanks

Possible Quetzalcoatl mask

Tlaloc, the storm god

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns

Diamond patterns

The harsh West Texas landscape

A small hueco

Comet Hyakutake

Comet Hyakutake


Volcano on Io

Moon and Companions

The Orion Nebula

Love That Asteroid

A Slice of Time


A Decade of Hubble

May 5th Planetary Alignment

High Above Down Under

Full of Hot Air

Group Portrait

Not a Good Role Model

Mercury's Evening Appearance

Aiming at a Hot Spot

Twisters in the Lagoon Nebula

....But Not a Drop to Drink

Fearless Foursome Takes Flight

Plotting Summer’s Comet Attractions

Cassiopeia A Supernova

Big Bang Afterglow

Sailing to the Stars

Comet LINEAR Blows Its Top

Volcanic Moon

Double the Run

A Cosmic Searchlight

Beautiful Killer

Amazing Afterglow


Volcanoes on Venus

Close Neighbor

Hot Loops

Hot Rocks

Collision Course

Seeing Red

Home Sweet Home

Lovely Leonids

Mysterious Mercury

Hot as a Pistol

Frosty Crater

Pioneer 6

Astronomical Christmas Present

Martian Lakebed?

Cosmic Lagoon

Rubble Rouser

Getting Around

Andromeda Galaxy

Last Look

Luna 9

Bumpy Landing


One Last Shot

Icy Grave

Shift Change

Edgy Galaxy

Bear's Lodge

End of an Era

Martian Odyssey

Great balls of fire!

Cosmic Rainbows

Red-Eye Special

Morning Star

Still Ticking

Catching a Wave of Gravity

Another Visit

Surveying New Territory

Another Day, Another 16 Sunrises

Light from Darkness

Galactic Web

Creation's Afterglow

Spiral Galaxy M81

Tornado Alley


Martian Duststorm

Hadley Rille

Hot Cloud

Blowing Off Steam

Torching Solar Systems

William J. McDonald


Jovian System

Deep Space Target

Aiming High

Last Hurrah

Martian Devils

Hot Moon

An Odyssey Begins

First Image from Mars Odyssey

Showers of Light

Looking for a Giant

Space Station Shift Change

A Sun-Like Star

Stellar Afterlife

Planet Parade

Pale Planet

Showy Planet

Winter Circle

Last Call

Hot Times in the Milky Way


Extreme Heat

Volcanic Heritage

American Hero

Starry Web

The Odyssey Begins

Evening Visitor

Back To Work

Streaking Around the Sun

Dusty Days

Our Stellar Neighborhood

On the Plains of Descartes

Tower of Planets

Galactic Slam Dance

Planetary Traffic Jam

Climbing the Ladder

A Melting Cone

Zombie Cannibal Star

Parting Glance

Galactic Pileup

New Arrivals

Comet Connection

Martian Scooter

Hot Eruption

Give It A Whirl

Speedy Thief

The Other Blue Planet

Thrice a Baker's Dozen

Moons of Mars

The Voyage Continues

Still Looking

Dirty Moon

You Say Canali, I Say Canals

Ring Around the Galaxy

High and Bright

Star Veil

Spinning Toward Louisiana

Some Assembly Required

Orbital Upgrade

Working on the Second Score

Icy Lava Lamp

First Glimpse

Martian Landslides

Evidence of a Catastrophe

Colorful Corpse

Colorful Volcanoes

Saturn Shines Bright

Just Horsing Around

Martian Dust Storms

Lensing the Cosmos

Hot Times in the Milky Way

Winter Wonders

Feeling the Heat

Remembering Columbia

Sympathy and Support

A Plethora of Planets

Creation's Afterglow

Ring Around the Galaxy

One Giant or Two?

Vanishing Planet


Stars All Around

Buzzing the Beehive

Last of the Great Ones

A Slimmed-Down Crew

Galactic Jet Stream

Colorful Turbulence

Martian Dunes


Space Pods

Red Rover

Star Bubble

One Up, One to Go

Galactic Jet Set

One Last Look

Hoard of the Rings

Stellar Nursing Home

An Oldie But a Goodie

Galactic Sideswipe

Evening Lineup

High-Altitude Tableau

Magnificent Mars

Mars Closeup

An Ancient Scar

Collision Course

A Moon of a Different Color

Silver Anniversary

Resuming the Race

Triple Threat

Shell Game

A Showy Neighbor

Seeing Red

Zapped Again!

Hot Milky Way

Going Strong

Destination: Venus

First Glimpse

Slipping the Surly Bonds

A Sketchy Comet

A Bumpy Ride

Still Going

Winning Touchdown

Dropping In

The Red Planet

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Getting Ready

Mountain View

Stepping Stone

Two Down, None to Go

Hitting Bedrock

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Planet Blaster

Martian Beads

Star Nursery

Mars Speckles

Martian Waves

Hot Jewels

Layin' Tracks

Saturn Bound

Starting a Long Journey

Hidden Planet?

Solar Burp

Fiery Comet

Leaving the Nest

Homeward Bound

Titanic Preview

High Maintenance

Ready to Rumble

Reporting for Duty

Galactic Bracelet

Creeping Forward

Icy Visitor

On the Edge

Seeing Red

Passing Visitor

Dark Crossing

Almost There

Diving In

First Encounter

First Encounter, Part 2

Hill Climber

Martian Brick Road

Putting on the Brakes

Ringing Success

Banishing the Smog

Glorious Rings

Shadow Play

Target: Jupiter

One Giant Shadow

Creamy Rings

Glittering Galaxies

The Other Blue Planet

Wrinkly Moon

Creamy Crater

Alien Encounter

Last Gasp

Churnin' Charley

Planetary Broom

Elusive Giant

'Muddy' Mars

Little Giant

Big Boomer

Shattered Dreams

Colliding Stellar Nurseries

Violent Beauty

Native Eyes

Just Passing By

An Aging Parent

Those Dirty Rings

Closer and Closer

10 Up, 9 Down

Rings, Rings, Rings

Disappearing Moon

Shadowy Moon

Through the Haze

Another Day, Another Moon

Martian Canyons

Storm Alert!

Wavy Rings

Phabulous Phobos

Surveying Surveyor

Swift Ride

Battered Moon

Moon Maneuvers

Pastel Skies

Planet Rubble

Titan, Ho!

A Magnetic Planet

Packing a Punch

A Bit of Home

Moon and Planets

Catching a Planet?

Titanic Color

Death Star Mimas

Methane Channels

Twilight Colors

Rippled Saturn

Dusty Skies

Distant Cousin

Seeing Spots

Pluto at 75

Follow the Planet

Lighting Up the Galaxy

Cracked Ice

En Pointe

To Boldly See...

Sandy Ripples

Trapeze Artists

Close to a Monster

Cracked Ice Redux

Crackly Storm

Hop on the Bus, Gus

Titanic Discovery

Lunar Impact

Mid-Sized Black Hole

Showy Planet

Noisy Neighbor

Rocket Roll

Pushing Away the Pleiades

Missed Approach

11 + 1 = 3

Rocky Path

Star Bubble

Ready to Fly

Arcing Past Saturn

Ghostly Bubble

First Light

Dune Bug

Full Earth

Strange Meteorite

Cracked Moon

Neighborhood Watch

Distant Pinwheel

Stormy Skies

Free Flyer

Rollin' On

Wavy Skies

15 Sagittae

Jovian Spinners

Star Blotter

Shadow Man

Below the Rim

Cosmic Ripples

Fanning Out


Holiday Fireworks

Target: Tempel

Strand of Lights

Triple Feature

Keeping an Eye on the Moon

Comet of the Decade

Mariner, Meet Mariner

Long Time, No See

Howdy, Y'all

Closing Ranks

Perseid Meteors

Twistin' the Day Away

Future Boomer

Space Champ

Dead But Not Buried

Long Time, No See

Birth Throes


Green(ish) Giant

Bright Lineup

King of the Hill

Old Neighbor

Messy Star

Rocky Rendezvous

Olympian Volcano

Destination: Tethys

Spongy Moon

Volcanic Venus

An Even Dozen

Ring of Fire

Distant Beauty

Another Day, Another Moon

Red River Valley

Expressway to Venus

Star Factory

Maximum Mars

Ring Around the Planet

Stormy Skies

Passing the SALT

Voyaging Past Saturn

Distant Nursery

Closing In

Monster Blast

Artistic Encounter

Building with Leftovers

Big Plans

Solar System Pioneer

Craters Galore

Nosy Neighbors

Moon in the Middle

Pinstriped Moon

Catching a (Tiny) Wave

Flaming Crab

Cranky Giant

Dog and Pup Show

Mars Waypoint

Ice Worlds

An Eye on the Helix

Back Home

The Heart of the Matter


Moon and Scorpion

A Great Loss

Icy Wonder

Sunny Day

In the Blink of an Eye

Magnetic Buffer

Hazy Skies

10,000 and Counting!

Stellar Swarm

Ghostly Storm

Tiny Planet, Tiny Moons

Seeing the Sights

Look! It's Halley's Comet!

Adding to the Fleet

Giant Discovery

Ring Skipping

Hiding a Black Hole

North Stars

Just Passing By

Watery Mars?

Dark Beauty

Adding Color

First Flight

Starry Skies

Venusian Vortex

Efficient Black Hole


Bright Reminder

Saturnian Pas de Deux

StarDate Online is 10!

Subtle Beauty

Bright Spider

Roasting Planet

Smokin' Galaxy

End of the Day

Seeing Yellow

Evening Delights

Home of the Giants

Collision Course?

Psychedelic Gas

Arresting Sight

Climbing the Ladder

Back to Business

Half-Way Point

Spark of Genius

High-Flying Home

Triple the Sunshine

First View

Volcanic Giants

Hot Wheels


Rocky Debate

'Photo of the (Last) Century'

Stellar Family

Convergence Zone

Gassy Eruptions

Growing Galaxy

High Moon

Ready for Impact

Rocky Targets

Where No Man Had Gone Before

New View of a Neighbor

Sunny Skies

Longer Days?

Galactic Empire

Passing the Giants

Lunar Swirls

Lighting up the Darkness

Planetary Nursery?


Rings, Rings, and More Rings

Shaken, Not Stirring

Frosty Morning

Dirty Devils

Popping Off

Crossing the Sun

Jetting Away from a Black Hole

Cloudy Sky

Star Power

Galactic Fireworks

Bad Neighbor

Cosmic Bauble

Saturnian Swirl

Cosmic Prize

Shooting the Moon

Snack Time

Close Neighbor

Horsin' Around

Happy New Year!

Western Lineup

Bejeweled Planet

Clearing Out the Neighborhood

New Twist on an Old Star

Colorful Cocoon

Sweeping Beauty

Regor, Dnoces, and Navi

Abstract Planet

Nowhere to Hide

Galactic Beauties

Morning View

The Road to Wabar

Last Hurrah

Blast from the Past

Big Blast, Big Universe

Just Passing By

A Passing Glance

Peeking Out the Window

A Big Spot

Saturn's Glorious Rings

All Eyes on the Sun

Kepler's Odd Supernova

Hidden Rings

Watch Your Feet!

Holding Together

From Sea to Shining Sea

When Sunspots Collide

Boxing in the Pole

Spectacular Spiral

Galactic Beauty

Stepping Up to the Plate

Galactic Trainwreck

High Steppin'

Lunar Observatory

Tearing Down a Nursery

Dry Run

Open With a Pair

Exploring an Alien World

What a View!

Squashed Planet

Magnetic Blast

Minnesota Joyride

Galactic Pinwheel

Deep Freeze

Those Pesky (But Beautiful) Rings

Globs of Stars

High Sunset

Sunny Skies

To the Dawn of the Solar System

Big Eruption

Virgo Cluster

Jewels for the Lion

Under the Southern Lights

Western Lineup

Stellar Cyclops

Faster Than a Speeding Galaxy Cluster

Home of the Stars

Mars Bound

Lunar Sunscreen

Galactic Firepower

Quiet Skies

Moon, Jupiter, and Antares

Beautiful in Death

Saturnian Double Feature

Ocean Planet

Faint Rings

Walnut Moon

Close Encounter

Brilliant Discovery

Dusty Skies

Going In

The Space Age

Morning Traffic Jam

Back to the Moon

Looking out the Window

Big Appetite

Red-Dwarf Planet

Red-Hot Planet

Exploding Comet

Cartwheeling Through Space

Mingling Galaxies

Triangular Spiral

Getting Organized

Martian Dust-Up

Morning Glory

Dimming the Light

Speeding Star

Lunar Exit

Future Splendor

Under Attack

Christmas Lights

Magnificent Mars


First Meteors

Horseless Charioteer

Thrown for a Loop

First Date

Getting Close

Hidden Face

New Views of Mercury

Saturnian Tableau

Turn on the Lights

Into the Darkness

Galactic Glow

Gassy Star

Seeing Green

Lunar Eclipse

Stellar Nursery

Stellar Lighthouse

Lunar Sunrise


Danger Zone

Cold Shower

Just Passing By

Flip Side

Spinning Star

Bright Blast

Active Sun

Planetary Smackdown

Super Planets

Grand Spiral

Ribbons and Bows

Drizzly Skies

Battered Moon

Beautiful Storms

Shy Centaur

Galactic Embrace

Galaxies Galore

Glowing Galaxies

Sharper View

Crowded Neighborhood

Galactic Giant

Titanic Energy

Big Blast

Icy Landing

Phoenix Descending

First Glimpse

Dropping In

Glob of Stars

Snack Time

Home Base

Digging In

Reversed Polarity

Lunar Target

Moon and Jupiter

Smallest Black Hole?

Getting Hitched

A New Beginning

Summer Days

Quite a Drop

Home of the Whoppers

Heading Out

On the Bubble

Solar Flare

Catty Star

Wrinkled Skin


Fifth Birthday

First Look

Into the Shadow

Venusian Volcano

Sky Diamond

Relentless Beauty

Distant Planet?

Crowning Glory

Fiery Demise

A New Angle

Battle of the Clusters

Pushing the Boundaries

Saturnian Shower

Planetary Broom?

Cracked Ice

Stellar Odd Couple

Going, Going, Gone

Dirty Secrets

Outback Spiders

Jetting Away

Still Going

Good Show

Paying a Call

Hot Bubble

Where No (American) Probe Had Gone Before

Lots of Moonlight

Heart of the Milky Way

Unruly Flock

Ready for the Moon

Mr. Halley's Comet

Hot Pancakes

Stellar Celebration

New Opportunities

Busy Hub

Stormy Skies

Dusty Skies


Dog Stars

Go With the Flow

Looking Into the Past

Final Days

Icy Visitor

Planet Hunter


Hanny's Voorwerp

Spotty Planet

Planetary Nursery

Galactic Turmoil

Full Power

Making Tracks

Big Hand for a Little Star

A Big Shiner


Deadly Moon

Unexpected Nursery

Neptunian Discovery

High-Flying Astronomy

Antimatter Hunter

Hubble Bound

Ready for an Upgrade

Good to Go

Last Glance

RS Ophiuchi

Stellar Hide-and-Seek


Lunar Sunrise

Back to the Moon

Three in a Row

Settling In

Wide Slice

Hard Labor

Galactic Fireworks

First Glimpse

Colorful Nursery

Alien Adventure

Shooting the Moon

On a Tranquil Sea

Still Standing

Back to the Future?

Jovian Smash-up

Crowded Neighborhood

Planetary Smash-Up

Staring Into Space

Protean Moon

A Wispy Swan

A Big Bang

High Drama

Changing Map

Fly Like an Eagle

High Moon

Hot Galaxy

Hotter Galaxy

Lunar Water

Not-So-Dark Side of the Moon

Martian Waystation

Return Visit

Cool Galaxy

Lighting Up the Darkside

Planetary Roll Call

Veiling the Pleiades

Orionid Meteors

Dusty Skies

Peeking at a Planet

Gamma-Ray Sky

Martian Tattoo

Bursting with Starbirth

Battered Moon

Leonid Meteors

Creation's Glow

Pinpoint Landing

Jovial Family

Mini Us

Too Close for Comfort

Ringing Up New Discoveries

Geminid Meteors

Lining Up Future Discoveries

Festival of Stars

A Moon is Born?

A Hole in Mars

Saturn's Hexagon

First Snapshot

Just Hanging Around

Cold Astronomy

High Lights

A Dose of Magnesium

Bright Encounter


Star Nursery

Swooping In

Death Star Moon

(Almost) Just Like Home

Starry Neighbor

'Leaking' Moon

Youthful Oldies

Beautiful Triplets

Peek-A-Boo Moon

Martian 'Canali'

Cold Fingers

Golden Beacon

Scars of Apollo

Dust Storm

Planetary Tail

Turning On, Tuning In

Busy Sky

Loopy Sun

Homey Star System

Not-So-Mighty Hercules

Hidden Orion

Look! It's Halley's Comet!

Big Family

Zapping the Sky

War of the Worlds?

Starbirth Factories

Colorful Aftermath

Big Blue Planet

Rings and Moons

Close Moon

Grand Galaxy

Dusky Skies

Breath of Life

Western Lineup

Just Passing By

A Little of Everything

Still Going?

Dusty Skies

Stellar Sculptors

Cosmic Bullets

Big (Foot) Lake

Flying Saucers!

Jumping Through Hoops

Heavy Lifting

Galactic Beauty

Busy Black Hole

Two Moons Rising

Getting Around

Coronal Mass Ejection


Keck Telescopes

Kuiper Belt

Lagoon Nebula

Biggest and Brightest

Leonids Meteor Shower

The Local Group

Water on the Moon

Lunar Prospector



Radio Waves from M81



Olympus Mons

Mars meteorite ALH 84001

Mars Meteorite 2

Mars Sample

Martian Sunset

Eclipse - February 26, 1998

Hodge 301 in the Tarantula Nebula

SOHO Detects Source of Solar Wind

McDonald Observatory

Comanches Giving Arrows





Tycho Crater

Earth and the Moon

The Moon




Neutron Star

NGC 253

NCG 4314

NGC 7027

Next Generation Space Telescope

Reaching New Horizons


Orion Nebula

Tools of the Trade

'Shielding' the Sun

Leapin' Lizards!

Ancient images

Paint Rock imagery

Boating Trip?

Starry Lineup

Hawk-eyed Sentries

Catching the Summer Sun?

Pathfinder’s Landing

Lunar Phases


The Pleaides


Elongations and Conjunctions

Pole Stars Past, Present, and Future

Ring Nebula


Saturn’s Aurorae


Saturn’s Rings

Galaxy Shapes

Shuttle and Mir

Supernova 1987A

Supernova 1987A

The Sun

Sojourner on Mars

Sojourner on Mars

Planetary Nebula IC 418

Stingray Nebula

The Sun

The Sun


The Sun


The Sun’s Place in the Milky Way

Supernova Layers

Trifid Nebula, M20


Uranus System

Uranus and Miranda


Venusian Surface




Vinegar in Space

Virgo Supercluster

Red Giant Planet

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